The Heathland

Even if various types of scenery belong to the nature reserve the heathland is the most attracting landscape for the visitor. A frequently visited place is the 'Wilseder Berg' - Mount Wilsede - which is the highest raising of the north-western lowlands of Germany. From there you view an impressive panorama. Other places you reach by lovely hiking trails - including the basin-shaped valley of the 'Totengrund' and the very old and dense juniper tree groves of the 'Steingrund'.

The 'Pastor-Bode-Weg', named after the famous heath pastor, is a hiking trail between Egestorf and Wilsede. It shows the width of the heath very spectacular. The little village Wilsede has no running farms anymore, but nevertheless it has its own flair with the half-timbered thatched houses. Also in other villages you will find this architectural style houses and adjacent buildings such as stables, storages and baking houses with ovens. Well worth seeing are the ancient churches in Bispingen (14th century) and Egestorf (12th century, with 500-year-old wooden bell tower beside the church).